Skilled Nursing

The safety and care of your patients are top of mind when managing a successful skilled care or nursing facility. Your teams must be available to treat, manage, observe, and evaluate the various needs of the patients in your care. With the diversity of needs, code requirements, and tight budgets managing your organization efficiently and not missing communications are a priority. Tech Works has developed simple budget-friendly communication systems for your patients and staff.

Change How You Manage Your Skilled Care Facility​

Create customized messages for your staff


Select your preferred communication methods to share relevant information, alerts, and messaging through pagers, dome lights, phone, lighted panels, tablets, text, computer alerts, and digital signage.

Meet compliance and code requirements


Whether in a stand-alone restroom or a patient room the UL-1069 compliant Tech Works systems scale with the needs of your facility from the 1 to 256 locations.

Get a return on your investment


Get a return on investment for your technology purchases with cost-effective solutions that are designed to only give what you need to improve your nursing and facility operations.

Emergency call assistance


Call for assistance when it matters most. Simple call stations for patients or staff to place a call in the case of an emergency.

Reach other staff immediately for assistance


The code blue with staff assist that is a part of this nurse call solution allows staff members to send emergency notifications from their location or to ask for help when assisting a patient.

Provide real-time monitoring and reporting


Drive efficiencies in your operation with real-time monitoring and reporting of waiting times, time spent with a caregiver, escalation, call response, and more.

Integrate custom messaging and reporting


Incorporate custom messaging and reporting that allows you to integrate with your Electronic Medical Records, send customized messages, or create specialized reports to manage your operations and compliance requirements.

Interface current clinical systems and specific data


Capture key information and communications with a flexible database that integrates with your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and other systems you use.


Assisted Living Emergency Call

Assisted living facilities have their own unique requirements. While most traditional systems are designed for hospitals, the Tech Works VC-Series Voice Call System has been created specifically with assisted living in mind. Staff can be equipped to monitor via flexible channels, from wireless to fully integrated into their PBX system.…

Featured Healthcare Solutions

Hands-free Intercom

Tech Works Collaborative intercom provides a sought-after audio experience in these specialized healthcare rooms, giving clear audio and communications for those both inside and outside of the room.


Integrated Messaging & Reporting

Share relevant information with patients and staff through text messaging, paging, tablets, digital signage, and specialized reporting.


Clinical Workflow / Room Status

Improve how your clinical staff operates with a simple, easy to use clinical workflow and tracking system focused on the patient and employee experience.


Nurse / Emergency Call

Scalable from 1 to 256 locations this UL-1069 emergency nurse call can be in a single restroom or throughout your facility to ensure the ability to call for assistance is always available.



Types of Facilities & Services Supported

Skilled nursing

Therapy care

Intravenous (I.V.) therapy

Occupational therapy

Skilled care

Infusion centers

Rehabilitation centers

Catheter care

Physical therapy

Wound care


Monitoring vitals and equipment