About Us

Making Specialized Communication Easy

For more than 20 years, integrators and clients have partnered with the expertise of the Tech Works team for simplified audio, detention, and healthcare solutions. This two-way partnership has continued to provide the team with new ways to create cost-effective communications solutions that are simple to install and manage. Serving clinics, medical practices, laboratories, pharmacies, small healthcare facilities, and correctional facilities, the team works diligently to address the challenges brought by the industry and offer systems that partners say “just work – no hassles”, delivering on the brand promise: quality simple solutions for less.


An effort to help, turned into a business

While managing a system contracting business in 1984, founder Mark Dundas would repeatedly get requests from his clients for specialized systems or tools. These requests tended to be specialized for demanding and complicated environments or a more simplified solution when robust systems were too much for the needs of the small facilities. During this time, Mark would spend his nights and weekends “tinkering with” and engineering different technologies to assist these clients and make sure their systems and operations run smoothly. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his hobby would create sought after systems and form a business called “Tech Works” in 1988.


Tech Works is committed to helping healthcare deliver a quality patient experience and improve the communications, efficiencies, and workflow of facilities through any challenges they may face.


Public Safety

Whether you’re building a new facility or supporting an older building, Tech Works rugged and simple communications systems can be used throughout the facility protecting both the inhabitants as well as the staff.



Our Purpose

To make specialized communication easy by creating flexible, simple, and cost-effective communication solutions that meet and grow with the needs specialized healthcare and detention facilities.

Our Values

  • Tell the Truth: Trust with our team, clients, and partners is the foundation of Tech Works success.
  • Deliver Quality: We would rather do things right the first time, even if it takes longer.
  • How Can I Help: Be sure to help and care for each other as part of our Tech Works family.
  • Do What’s Right: Integrity for the team and customer is a priority, even if you send the client elsewhere.
  • Continued Knowledge: Take time to keep listening, learning, and improving.