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Making sure Tech Works dealers are educated in supporting their customers is a top priority. In addition to the training materials in this section, we give webinars for your team and customers. If you would like to a schedule a webinar for a specific solution or market, please contact us.

CC Series — Clinic-Call

CI Series — Collaborative Intercom

NC Series — Nurse Call

Best Practices

Tech Works Replacement Options

Looking for systems to replace the discontinued Rauland Borg DCC12 / DCC100, Dukane 9A1875, or Communications Company IC-28 / IC-29 systems you’re using? Tech Works has replacement solutions just for you.

TechWorks provides communication technologies for Prisons, Law Enforcement, Detention facilities, and more.


TechWorks provides communication technologies for Hospitals, Clinics, Clean Rooms, Mental Health facilities and more.


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