Communication Technologies for Hospitals, Clinics, Behavioral / Mental Health Facilities and More

Clinical Workflow / Room Status

With a touch of a button, your staff can drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements with technologies specifically designed around clinics and treatment centers.


Nurse Call System

Whether you need to meet code in a single restroom or throughout your facility, the Tech Works emergency call / nurse call system allows you to scale to ensure assistance can be requested wherever needed.


Hands-free Intercom

Tech Works Collaborative intercom provides a sought-after audio experience in these specialized healthcare rooms, giving clear audio and communications for those both inside and outside of the room.


Innovative Solutions for Senior Care

Tech Works NC-Series provides flexible, affordable emergency call system for Convalescent, Progressive Care and Assisted Living environments.



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Tech Works is Trusted by Healthcare Organizations Nationwide

Take Your Workflow to the Next Level

Tech Works® flexible healthcare solutions are created specifically to support you in delivering an optimal patient experience, managing your workflow, and meeting necessary code requirements while providing efficiencies that give you a return on your technology investment.

Improve the Patient Experience


Shorten patient wait times and manage patient arrival with simplified front office to back office communications to start care quickly after arrival.

Meet Code Compliance


Ensure clear communications when it matters most while meeting emergency call code requirements (including code blue and staff assist) from 1 to 256 locations.

Streamline Workflow and Efficiencies


Share relevant information with customized messaging to patients and staff through pagers, tablets, text, computer alerts, and digital signage.

Communicate Information Real-Time


Improve the patient experience by knowing where your staff is needed next, what rooms are ready, and alerting the correct person where they need to be and when.