Communication Technologies for Prisons, Law Enforcement, Detention Facilities and More

Vandal Proof Nurse Call

Scalable from 1 to 256 locations, this rugged nurse call system is easy to use and is a simple way to help take care of your prisoners while improving your staff’s work environment.


System Replacement for Rauland Borg DCC12, DCC100, and Dukane 9A1875

Tech Works offers Two Channel Intercom Amplifier Alternative. Learn more about the  ICA-202D Two Channel Push to Talk Audio Intercom Amplifier.


Legacy Integrations for Vandal Proof Intercom

Tech Works offers system replacements and integrations that make detention easier and more reliable. Discover our new breakout module to connect Omron CPU units to our Two Channel Intercom Amplifier with minimal wiring!


IP Integrations for Vandal Proof Intercom System

Tech Works MC-IP intercom system is a totally flexible streaming Audio over IP solution. Our system can now be fully integrated into the Omron NX Series CPU. Discover this plug and play solution today.



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Tech Works is Trusted by Public Safety Facilities Nationwide

Communicate Seamlessly with Flexible Tools

Public safety agencies are important to the welfare, freedoms, and prosperity of the country and the citizens it serves. The team at Tech Works partners with those supporting these institutions to develop cost-effective communication technologies that meet the needs of the facilities while being mindful of the funds that support them.

Durable & rugged environment


Vandal proof solutions that were built to withstand abuse, water, and tough environments.

Retrofit solutions & budget friendly


Cost effective solutions that were made to be used with existing wiring and systems.

Easy to maintain and upgrade


Simple solutions that were built to be maintained by your maintenance and facilities teams.

Clear communications with full support


High quality audio that allows you to communicate as if everyone was in the same room.