Integrated Messaging & Reporting

Cost-effective workflow management: know where people are and where they go “next.”

As the footprint for clinics, treatment centers, and other healthcare facilities grow so does the demand for efficiencies and top-notch patient care within them. Tech Works has spent time with clinical providers to develop a NEW communications tool that helps you cost-effectively streamline your workflow, improve communications, and develop reports that specifically meet the needs of your facility type and size. These tools let everyone know where people are, where to go “next” and help to track your processes throughout the day.


The Tech Works Integrated Messaging and Reporting (IMR)* is an accessory for both Nurse Call and Clinical Workflow solutions that allows you to:
Know where the next patient is

Tailored for each person in your facility, the IMR tracks each room and takes each staff member and shared resources (including radiology, vitals, and housekeeping) to the “their” next patient.

Create flexible room grouping for each caregiver

Room assignments can be created by geography or discipline and changed to meet your patient and staffing needs. (Create room pools and swing rooms as needed).

Drive efficiencies and track workflow

Adjust staff schedules and workflow of your facility to meet the demands of your office and ensure a good patient experience.

Customize messages to specified staff or devices

Share key information and send tailored messages directly to patients and staff via smart phones, tablets, computers, pocket pages, and digital signage.

See what rooms your staff are in

Management of your rooms that allows your team to know where doctors, nurses, technicians, and other staff are to ensure efficient flow of your office.

Tell staff when rooms are ready

Let your staff know when a room is patient ready or let your doctors know which OR is ready and where they need to go.

Integrate with your current systems

With the ability to interface with anything IP, you can securely integrate with any of your current systems, electronic medical records, and devices through your IP server. 

Manage your operations with simplified reporting

Utilize data and reporting to manage risk and limit liability with simple reporting options for your facility. Manage patient wait times, shift information, client calls, and more.

Digital Signage, Tablets, Texts, and More

Send customized messages via text, tablet, pc, pocket page, or digital display. The team gets to choose the communication methods that work best for them.


Measure patient satisfaction and analyze your key data with standard and customized reports on key areas of your business including patient waiting, shift details, and client call information.

Integrate with anything IP

The IMR gives you multiple tools for integration including transaction logging, data sharing with any IP device, interfacing with electronic medical records, and much more.

*The IMR can only be used with Tech Works Nurse Call (NC Series) and Clinical Workflow (CC Series) solutions.

Integrated Messaging & Reporting Benefits

  • Integrate with anything IP
  • Customized reporting
  • Create room assignments
  • Manage your workflow
  • Increase efficiencies
  • OR ready alerts
  • Incorporate electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Developed for your facility

Vandal Proof Intercom

Simple to program, the vandal proof console withstands rough use and tough environments.



Clinical Workflow / Room Status

With a touch of a button, your staff can drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements.