Systems Replacement Comparisons – Rauland Borg DCC12 and DCC100, and the Dukane 9A1875: the ICA-202 / ICA-202D

Tech Works announces a new Two Channel Intercom Amplifier Alternative to the Rauland Borg DCC12 and DCC100, and the Dukane 9A1875: the ICA-202 / ICA-202D: Two Channel Push to Talk Audio Intercom Amplifier

Tech Works ICA-202D Unit

Tech Works ICA-202D

The ICA-202D is feature rich, and can replace, with few exceptions, any existing Push to Talk intercom amplifier with greatly enhanced performance.

Do you remember products called the Communications Company IC-29 and IC-28? Have you been looking for them?

The Tech Works ICA-202D and IC-52 are the direct descendants of the Communications Company IC-28 and IC-29

  • More Power: 20 Watts RMS at 25 Volt
  • Smaller Package: 1/2 rack wide, 1 rack unit high
  • Plus: Logging Recording Interface Option

Tech Works IC-52B Unit

Tech Works IC-52B

If you do Correctional Facilities Communication, this product was specifically designed for you.


Download ICA-202D Datasheet to learn more
Download IC-52B Datasheet to learn more



Vandal Proof Intercom

Simple to program, the vandal proof console withstands rough use and tough environments.



Clinical Workflow / Room Status

With a touch of a button, your staff can drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements.