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Tech Works Introduces Innovative New Nurse Call System

Tech Works, a leader in specialized, highly focused communications solutions for the most challenging environments, introduces a new generation of communications systems designed for the high-intensity demands of today’s healthcare facilities.

Designed from the ground up to provide the ultimate in reliability and performance, Tech Works NC systems are easy to install, seamlessly integrating with existing communications systems to enable any new or existing facility to integrate the features and benefits of digital communications technology, without the need for expensive rewiring and configuration. Installation is simple and cost-effective, utilizing existing wiring to replace older systems, or economical CAT5 cable for new installations, and NC systems’ low-voltage circuitry is economical and virtually maintenance free.

Based on more than 30 years of design and development, Tech Works Nurse Call systems exceed UL 1069 certification, as well as recently-adopted OSHPD standards, meeting even the strictest installation code requirements.

Unlike competing products, Tech Works Nurse Call systems can be easily configured as a single station system without the need for a control module, making it the most economical system available. And all systems can be custom-configured and expanded, up to a fully integrated 256-station system with computer oversight.

Using the Tech Works Digital Network Communication, NC systems can easily be bridged to computers and other IP systems, opening a near limitless communications scenario. By adding tools like Tech Works Integrated Messaging and Reporting system, users can view the status on their desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Integrating other technologies such as digital signage and wireless paging, NC system activity can be constantly updated for users both locally and remotely.

Interest in the new NC systems has been unprecedented, creating an immediate demand for information and training. A series of training webinars has been scheduled for mid-January, with all available dates and times booked in less than 24 hours. Additional sessions will be announced shortly — check the Tech Works websites for further information.

Tech Works systems are a vital communications tool in leading hospitals and health care facilities across the United States. Learn More about Tech Works Nurse Call Solutions

Press Release: Tech Works Introduces Innovative New Nurse Call System (PDF)